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Skin and Connective Tissue

Please note that many of these terms may be unfamiliar to you. This information can best and most accurately be obtained from a physician’s diagnosis or medical records. Check off all of the skin findings that you are confident are present in the individual with M-­CM.

Question type: checkboxes, open-ended "other".

Marbled/Mottled 41
Nevus flammeus 21
Angiomata 1
Epidermal nevus/nevi 10
Capillary malformations 34
Port wine stains 22
Stork bite/Angel kisses 24
Cutis marmorata 26
Cutis marmorata that has faded over time 23
Hemangiomas 13
Varicose veins 5
Ulcerations 0
Telangiectasias (abnormal dilation of red/blue/purple superficial vasculature) 17
Other significant skin symptoms:
  • Keratosis pilaris (2)
  • Eczema (1)

Skin Biopsy performed

Number of responses: 44/51 Question type: select one + details.

Yes 5
No 38
Unsure 1
Results if yes: 2 normal

Collagen analysis performed

Number of responses: 43/51 Question type: select one.

Yes 0
No 38
Unsure 5

Please select all connective tissue symptoms that have been experienced by the patient with M-CM.

Question type: checkboxes.

Stretchy skin 20
Doughy skin 30
Thin/fragile skin 9
Easily bruised skin 8
Soft or velvety skin 21
Umbilical hernia 13
Inguinal hernia 2
Poor wound healing 6
Abnormal scarring 5
Hip dislocation 3
Joint hyperextensibility/hypermobility or lax joints 37
Other Significant connective tissue Symptoms:
  • knee/ankle dislocation
  • thick skin