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Ear, Nose, Throat, Mouth

Please select all that apply

Question type: checkboxes.

Long philtrum 11
Thick lips 17
Thick gums 18
Short nose 22
Flat nasal bridge 30
Facial asymmetry 27
Facial asymmetry that appears to be getting worse 0
Bifid Uvula 2
High arched palate 24
Narrow palate 14
Abnormal ear formation 8
Low-set ears 24
One ear larger than the other 9
Large ears 6
Small ears 6
Sensorineral hearing loss 2
Conductive hearing loss 2
Needed ear tubes 5
Hearing aids 0
Chronic ear infections 1
Large ear canals 2
Small ear canals 9
Difficulty swallowing 13
  • Large tonsils (2)
  • Gum disease and frequent croup

Had a swallow test performed (ph probe)?

Number of Responses: 40/51 Question type: select one.

Yes 8
No 31
Unsure 1
If abnormal please explain.
  • Failed swallow study, placed on g-tube. Subsequently passes swallow study retraining to swallow.
  • Chronic reflux, allergic to dairy, had multiple endoscopys and broncoscopys. Resolved when got older.
  • Has hypertrophic tonsils, and had tonsil surgery.
  • Aspirates thin liquids.