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Pre­natal Care

Please record any tests done during pregnancy and check off whether the results were normal or abnormal.

Number of responses: 48/51. Question type: select one, open-ended "other".

Amniocentesis/CVS 11 yes all normal
Prenatal Microarray 1 yes normal
FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization) none
Prenatal Serum Screening (i.e. Quad, Integrated, Sequential) 6 yes 1 abnormal
  • Down's Screening at 12 weeks
  • 13 week transnuchal u/s and blood test
  • Nucal Fold test
  • Diabetes test on mother
  • detailed 16 week ultrasounds
  • 11 week IPS screening
  • AFP

Describe any abnormalities detected on any of the previous tests.

Number of responses: 11/51. Question type: open-ended.

  • Measured small throughout the pregnancy by about 2 weeks but all ultrasounds showed normal growth and size.
  • Amniocentesis was performed to check lung maturity.
  • Ultrasound showed "water on the brain"
  • High AFP levels (95%)
  • 1st glucose test was high, second was normal
  • They said fetus was too large so test inaccurate and my dates were wrong, I know which week we conceived so didn't know why that was an issue. (13 week transnuchal u/s and blood test)
  • Nucal Fold test
  • Diabetes test on mother - normal.
  • Detailed 16 week ultrasounds; normal
  • High AFP test, said it was due to having twins.
  • Quad screen showed increased risk for Down Syndrome

Select the following symptoms that were detected on the ultrasound, and provide details in the space below. Check all that apply.

Number of responses: 45/51. Question type: checkboxes, open-ended "details".

No ultrasound abnormalities 18
Macrocephaly 16
Fetal Hydrops 0
Hydrocephalus/ventriculomegaly 3
Frontal Bossing 2
Structural Brain Abnormalities 2
Pleural Effusion 2
Heart Defect 1
Extra toes 1
Extra fingers 0
Asymmetric limbs 2
Intrauterine Growth Retardation 0
Large for gestational age 21
Excessive Amniotic fluid 13
Not enough amniotic fluid 2
Two­vessel cord or single umbilical artery 3
Placental abnormalities 3
Other ultrasound abnormalities 3
  • shortening of arms and legs
  • In week 38 my son was measuring very large long limbs, big head
  • at 20 weeks gestation head was on the 97th percentile and femur length was shorter than would be expected

If mother/child experienced the following obstetrical complications, please select all that apply. Add any known details in the space provided.

Number of responses: 19/51. Question type: checkboxes, open-ended "details".

Preeclampsia 5
Maternal hypertension 4
Decreased fetal movements 12
Other obstetrical complications 5
  • From when I was 7 months pregnant I noticed she was having seizures and then would stop moving for hours
  • Had to have C Section due to large head size
  • Preterm contractions
  • Preterm labor, on bed rest for 9 weeks
  • Baby didn't move much
  • Braxton Hicks from 10 weeks gestation
  • High blood pressure for last month of pregnancy. Although no concerns at time about decreased movements, thinking back I feel that this was an issue.
  • I only now realize I likely had decreased fetal movements looking back. At the time I did not pay attention to this.
  • After I was a week overdue I was induced
  • Placenta previa
  • Preeclampsia but after the birth
  • Risk of pre-term labor (31wks) due to stress no other complications