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Integument (hair, skin, and nails)

Please record whether the following symptoms apply. Mark off whether or not one aspect of the body grows faster/larger/differently than the other side, and whether it is the right or left side.

Number of responses: 43/51 Question type: select one.

yes no unsure right left
Hair grows faster on one side of scalp 19 19 6 9 7
Hair is curlier on one side of scalp 10 27 6 1 7
Hair is thicker on one side of scalp 13 23 7 4 8
Teeth erupted on one side of gums first 16 18 7 11 5
Teeth on one side are bigger than teeth on the other 10 20 10 6 4
Nails grow faster on one side 11 22 8 8 3
Nails are thicker on one side 6 26 9 2 3

Please select all that apply

Question type: checkboxes.

Hypoplastic nails (underdeveloped) 7
Deep set nails 20
Abnormal teeth 19
Enamel problems 13
Brittle teeth 7
Small teeth 5
Large teeth 7
Discolored teeth 12
Crooked teeth 21
  • 9 adult teeth are missing, 4 are wisdom teeth, skin has had issues, severe eczema, difficult to heal
  • a high narrow palate, so teeth cannot grow in
  • asymmetric palate
  • nails aren't strong and the curl up when they grow
  • misaligned jaw, very thick and fast growing hair, lots of blonde hair all over
  • receded hairline, difficulty to lose baby teeth, dry skin (psoriasis), thick nails (very difficult to trim)
  • mild hypoplasia of fifth finger nail
  • skin on left drier on leg only (feels tough)
  • teeth edges jagged
  • toe nails are hard to cut, very small nail bed
  • toe nails have to be kept short or else curl over
  • toe nail beds are very small