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Neurosurgical Procedures

Has your child had a neurosurgical procedure?

Number of responses: 42/52 Question type: select one.

Yes 22
No 20

The following table regards neurosurgical procedures and history. Please fill out all details regarding each surgical procedure(s). If unsure give your best estimate.

Number of responses: 21/52 Question type: select one, table.

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Please describe any additional neurosurgical details or complications not listed above:

  • 12 VP shunt revisions due to shunt malfunction or shunt infections.
  • 2 decompression surgeries. 12 shunt revisions due to blockage, misplacement, and infection.
  • A ventricular access device inserted in right frontal region and infusion study undertaken at 12 years old due to neurological function change/deterioration - no new findings found to explain deterioration
  • After ETV we had a series of lumbar punctures to encourage flow and help keep the ETV open.
  • After initial surgery Meningitis and Sepsis formed and scar tissue caused a repeat surgery 2 years later.
  • Has had 2 posterior fossa decompression surgeries and 12 VP shunt revisions. 10 of those revisions due to shunt malfunction and 2 due to shunt infection.
  • He recently had a posterior fossa decompression with C1 laminectomy in hopes of resolving his hydrocephalus, chiari, and syrinx. We do not yet know if the surgery was successful and it was done just last week and we don't have any new imaging studies yet.
  • Has had to have the ventriculostomy redone twice as the hole had sealed over
  • Shunt revision x 2
  • Tethered cord release age 5
  • The ventricle valve blockage causing him to need a revision.