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Pregnancy History

What was the mother's age at conception?

Number of responses: 50/51. Question type: open ended, answers grouped.

22-25 11
26-30 19
31-35 12
36-40 7
one response: frozen embryo at 29, gave birth at 34

Is the individual with M-CM the product of an IVF (in vitro fertitilization) pregnancy?

Number of responses: 51/51. Question type: select one.

No 49
Yes 2

Please select all choices experienced during pregnancy.

Question type: checkboxes.

Illness/Infections 14
Fever 6
Hypertension 7
Type II (or pregestational diabetes) 1
Medications 9
Alcohol use 2
Tobacco use 4
Recreational drug use 1
Radiation exposure 2
Chemical exposure 1
History of previous abortion 4
History of miscarriage 10

Other significant pregnancy information:

Question type: open ended, answers grouped - some things mentioned in the responses are not noted here if they were addressed in a more structured way elsewhere in the survey

Preterm labor/contractions 4
Twins 3
Water retention issues 3
Flu vaccine 2
Occlusion of ureters due to polyhydraminos 1
Surgery at 22 weeks for ovarian torsion 1
Renal stones 1
Severe anemia 1
Alcohol, drug and cigarette use noted in previous section was light 3