A Summer Campaign: Send Jordan to England

Two weeks ago, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a trip to England for Jordan, a young American woman with M-CM. The purpose of the trip will be to connect with the M-CM community there. After the trip, Jordan's father will be making a short video about Jordan's experiences. Without much publicity, our campaign is over 30% funded, and we are hoping to get it to 75% by the time Jordan leaves on August 23rd.

The online M-CM community was started by a family in England (it was called M-CMTC at the time), and a large annual meet takes place there that is currently the only regular gathering of patient families. The patient community there is in some ways the heart of the larger M-CM community.

This trip will coincide with a gathering taking place at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. Jordan and her family will also travel around visiting several families. It's Jordan's UK tour. Jordan has been posting updates on the Crowdrise campaign, and when you donate, you will get her exciting updates in your inbox.

left: Jordan sitting below sign that reads, "Apply for a U.S. Passport here." First in line at 6:30am on August 5th. right: holding her new passport, wearing a Tardis dress on August 12th.

The M-CM Network is arranging the campaign and the trip, but Jordan's journey will be her own. Jordan and her father are defining their itinerary, and the video that they produce will capture Jordan's perspective.

We are thrilled by how enthusiastically the patient community has gotten behind this effort so far. I hope you'll join in if you haven't already, share with your contacts, and help get this exciting project funded.

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